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About Us


On August 24th,  2013, when Mohamed Soltan was arrested in the aftermath of the Rabaa crack down, a group of his closest friends and family came together to advocate for his release. For 644 days, this group worked tirelessly to highlight Soltan’s plight and tell his story. Upon his release in May of 2015, we decided to continue our efforts to advocate for over 60,000 political prisoners in Egypt. Since 2015, we have institutionalized our efforts successfully releasing over 120 Egyptian political prisoners. Further, prior to his assassination, we had worked closely with Jamal Khashoggi on releasing Saudi political prisoners. He lost his life to advocacy, but we continue to honor his legacy by advocating for the release of Saudi’s prisoners of conscience.

We have a three-pronged approach: advocacy, campaigns, and legal actions. These efforts are made stronger and more effective through the support of the diaspora populations that come to Washington DC in our annual event Egypt Advocacy Day to highlight the plight of Egyptian political prisoners. They are also strengthened by building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders including congressional representatives, State Department officials, and a wide network of activists and advocates in our countries and beyond.