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Will you join the campaign to #REUNITEFAMILIES this Ramadan?

Unjust detention, arbitrary travel bans and transnational repression tear families and loved ones apart in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The Freedom Initiative fights to reunite them.

Our Success

Hope is families reunited

We work directly with individuals affected by wrongful detention, unlawful travel bans and transnational repression in the Middle East and North Africa. We fight to make sure their voices are being heard, to push for U.S. policies that protect human rights, and to hold perpetrators accountable.

Case by case, we’re fighting until all political prisoners are reunited with their loved ones, and until all in the MENA are free to enjoy their fundamental rights.

We offer services to detainees and families free of charge, regardless of income level, political affiliation, or profile — all because of the generous support of people like you.

Read about a few of our success stories:

Join us on Wednesday, April 5 — the U.N.’s International Day of Conscience — to stand in solidarity with families and loved ones torn apart by wrongful detention in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Use the hashtag #ReuniteFamilies and make sure to tag the Freedom Initiative (@thefreedomi) on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
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by supporting the Freedom Initiative this Ramadan. Your donation will contribute directly to our work to free political prisoners in the Middle East and North Africa.


The Freedom Initiative is not a grant-making organization, and we do not provide financial support to families directly. With very little overhead costs, 90 cents for every dollar goes directly to support our programs and the staff who work tirelessly to advocate for releases.