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  • Published On April 7, 2022

NO ONE IS SAFE Sexual Violence Throughout the Life Cycle of Detention in Egypt 2015-2022   The following report examines instances of sexual violence in Egyptian prisons from the period of 2015 to 2022. The report finds that Egypt employs abuse in detention as a method to coerce, punish, and bring a population under the control of ...


  • Published On October 4, 2021

FRIEND OR FOE? Saudi Arabian Government Repression in the US and Worldwide   This report investigates and analyzes the impact of Saudi Arabia’s policies of detention, harassment, and entrapment of US citizens and their family members, situating these as part of worldwide repression campaigns, particularly against those who focus on human rights or policy issues critical ...

The Freedom Initiative Launches its First Report

  • Published On May 26, 2021

The Freedom Initiative Launches its First Report “The Tip of the Iceberg: Impact of Egypt’s Wrongful Detention Practices on US Persons and Families in 2020”   The inaugural report of the Freedom Initiative (Fi)’s newly-formed research department, investigates the impact of Egyptian detention practices on US persons and their family members in 2020.  The results ...

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