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Encouraging Your Representative to Join the Egypt Human Rights Caucus

Encouraging Your Representative to Join the 

Egypt Human Rights Caucus




  1. Visit this website to confirm your representative: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative (if the link doesn’t work you may copy & paste it or do a Google search) 
  2. Call their main telephone line for their Washington D.C. office 
  3. Use the following script as a guide to speak with whoever answers the call or leave a message

Hello, my name is __________. I’m a constituent currently living in zipcode _______.  

I am calling to urge Rep. ________ to join the new “Egypt Human Rights Caucus”. I know Egypt and the US are close allies, but I am very worried about its horrific human rights record. 

We must stand up to demand more of our closest allies, so it is important to me that my representative be a part of this caucus to monitor human rights concerns and take action 

Your office can reach out to Nancy Chen in the office of Rep. Don Beyer to learn more and join the group. (Her email is [email protected]) 

It would be great to receive a response from your office about this matter. Thank you for your hard work!

 If you have family and or friends in Egypt, it is good to mention that as well to connect it directly to you. If you’re hesitant/scared to call, an email via the online contact form is okay, but calls tend to be more effective.