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The Freedom Initiative is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization

Community Engagement

We partner with communities throughout the United States to connect our work to the concerns of millions. Through engagements including listening sessions, advocacy trainings, development programs and events to support the understanding of issues and cases alike, we seek to empower communities to work together to advance the causes of human rights, justice and democracy.

Throughout the previous years, we organized virtual and in-person events across various states such as DC, California, Ohio, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, Taxes, and more.

These events successfully heightened awareness regarding our cause of political detention in the region and fostered connections with community leaders, experts, celebrities, and fellow advocates.

Together, we strived to create positive change and empower communities.

We Want To Hear From YOU!

Are you interested in being part of our growing movement to fight for freedom for political prisoners in the Middle East and North Africa?

Reach out to us to discuss options for hosting events, participating in training, or learning more about opportunities to engage leaders in your community.