2019 - The Freedom Initiative


In our second annual advocacy day, we advocated against the constitutional crisis ElSisi led to prolong his rule over the country. Tens of Egyptian Americans from over 40 states came together in Washington to meet their representatives and speak to the deteriorating human rights condition in the country.

Impact: What we got out of it (resolution, aid being halted, etc): We passed a resolution in the Senate, and halted over $150 million in aid conditional on the betterment of the human rights condition

In tandem with the constitutional referendum issued to further El-Sisi’s grip on power, our second annual event brought together over 100 Egyptian-Americans from over 40 states, international super stars Amr Waked and Khaled Aboelnaga, Yousef Hasan for a comedy show, and world-class trainers and advocates. After a day or training, our participants headed to The Hill and conducted over 250 meetings with their Senators, Congressmen, and State Department Officials. The day ended with a congressional briefing on Constitutional Authoritarianism which was keynoted by Rep. Tom Malinowski. Our advocacy lead to the passing of a resolution on the proposed constitutional referendum in Egypt prolonging presidential terms, and continued withholding of 150 million military aid.