2018 - The Freedom Initiative


Weeks before the presidential elections in  Egypt, we met with representatives and passed a resolution in the Senate highlighting the fraudulent elections and calling for the release of political prisoners. 


Tens of Egyptian Americans came together to speak out against the ongoing crackdown on human rights and fraudulent presidential elections 

Impact: What we got out of it (resolution, aid being halted, etc): 

  • We passed a resolution in the Senate
  • Halted over $300 million in aid conditional on the betterment of the human rights condition 

On March 12-13, 2018, we held our first Egypt Advocacy Day with over 100 participants from over 35 states around the country. The first day included trainings by world-class advocates, professors, and thinkers, as well as ample networking opportunities with other members of the Egyptian-American diaspora. In the following day, our participants held over 130 meetings with their Senators, Congressmen, and State Department Officials. The day was bookended with words from Representative Jim McGovern in a congressional briefing that highlighted the plight of political prisoners in Egypt. These efforts lead to a resolution in the Senate condemning the Egyptian presidential election and the continued withholding of 150 million dollars of aid conditional on Egypt’s betterment of their human rights record.